Ilya Pachter

Dead Sea - photo session

Bled 15

Krka - Croatia

Evning - saturated colors

Such beauty only a few kilometers from Ljubljana - Slovenia

In the Arava desert

Bad mood - cold


Pasterze Glacier 3

Grossglockner - Austria

Desert Arava

Desert Arava - Israel

I see Egypt

in Arava desert


Morning in the Park 2015

Sunset truck

Arava desert - sunset truck

Western Austria

Western Austria -

Bled Castle

Bled Castle - ancient castle stands on the hill above Lake Bled - Slovenia Complete collection of photographs of Lake Bled and the surrounding area here -



Dead boat

Red sea - Eilat

Alps - Grossglockner 9c

Alps - Grossglockner - Austria

The green lines 2

The green lines dark edition

A minute before the rain

Even in the desert is a thunderstorm - Mitzpe Ramon near

After the rain


Sunset birds