Ilya Pachter

Three horses

Autumn sunset and horses - Slovenia in my heart

In the Arava desert

In the sunset fire

Following the sun

At sunset in the Red Sea

Evening sky

A flock of 150 flamingos constantly dwelling on the Red Sea, in their season arrives a few thousand ...particularly well when at sunset This photo I open a series dedicated to these beautiful birds and their combination with the awesome nature of the Red Sea

Western Austria

Western Austria -

Morning - fog

Western Austria - Flahau

lake Bled

Complete collection of photos from Lake Bled here -

Krka - Croatia


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Full collection here -

The Dead Sea 9

Ljubljana - Slovenia

Animals 1

My best dog - Rada - meets Dawn

Animals 27

Bled Castle

Bled Castle - ancient castle stands on the hill above Lake Bled - Slovenia Complete collection of photographs of Lake Bled and the surrounding area here -


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Water ball





Jerusalem 8

Holy Sepulcher